Sunday, 25 March 2007


hiya . i'm rob and this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. i'm just about to move to a place called Changshu in the Jiangsu province of China for a year, so thought it'd be nice to keep a record of it.

However we haven't even left yet, so i'll keep this short for now, and sign off with some photos from the last few days.Thursday night was my work leaving do and, predictably, we ate Chinese food in "The Oriental Condor" (which is a restaurant, not a bird) :

And friday, after strugglin thru my last day at work, it was another goodbye gathering, this time in Brixton, where our mates Paddy and Dan serenaded us drum n bass. (and we danced till our feet were sore) :

and look this is me and jane and you can catch the new double-chin i'm cultivating ;-)
Jane is the reason we're off to china cos she's gonna teach textiles there.

so yeah, that's all for now and i'll write more when we actually get to china!..